Project Finance & Development, LLC Announces Plans to Develop Florida’s First Agrihood In Orlando

Project Finance & Development, LLC, today announced plans to develop 1,237 acres located southeast of UCF in Orange County, between Lake Picket Road/CR 420 and Colonial Dr./SR 50, into a residential working farm community known as an agrihood.

Farm-to-table living will soon be coming to Orlando where a working farm is the central feature, in the same way that other communities may cluster around a golf course, pool, or activity center. This farm-inspired community is designed for people who seek a lifestyle where they are connected to the land with a sense of camaraderie.

With a nod to rural living, the agrihood will be comprised of 2,900 uniquely designed single family homes surrounding a 9 acre revenue-generating farm, 11 acres of community gardens, edible walking trails, scenic pastoral spaces, Lake Tanner, fishing ponds and lush wetlands. Other amenities include an equestrian facility, neighborhood parks and elementary school.

The hub of the neighborhood will center around an authentic barn designed for social events, farmer’s market stands, a restaurant serving food grown in the community, and a sprinkling of quaint shops. The overall plan has been designed with 7% less pavement than most communities which encourages residents to walk or ride bikes to the parks and social centers, and respects the environment.

Full-time agriculturalists will oversee the working farm, edible landscape trails, community gardens, manage sales and distribution of produce grown in the community, and coordinate with nearby schools, social groups and residents for on-site educational farming and gardening programs.

Dwight Saathoff, President of Finance & Development, LLC stated: “This is a unique opportunity for our company to introduce Orlando to a new residential concept where the emphasis is on sustainable living by integrating farming into neighborhoods. It will be a landmark community in Central Florida influenced by past generations when people lived off the land growing their own foods and sharing with neighbors. There will be a nostalgic atmosphere throughout the community from the overall aesthetics of the development to the
social aspects and outdoor activities.”

Dwight continued to say: “We have set high standards for this project and are thrilled to have partners onboard to help us fulfill and execute the vision. We believe Orlando is ready to embrace our plan and people will want to live in a setting that is unlike any other in the state of Florida. This will be a viable asset to Orlando and we look forward to breaking ground within the next 16 months.”

Project Finance & Development, LLC is an Orlando, Florida company developing commercial and residential properties in Central Florida. The leadership of founder Dwight Saathoff, an attorney with a successful history negotiating zoning, planning and developments, leverages his real estate experience to plan, secure and develop visionary projects for his own company that benefits cities, communities and residents.

For more information about Project Finance & Development, LLC and this project, please contact:
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