The Chuluota Community Association Endorses Project Finance & Development’s Agrihood Project In Seminole County

Project Finance & Development 1,237 acre agrihood project, “The Grow”, has been endorsed and is fully supported by the Chuluota Community Association.

On May 7, 2015, the Chuluota Community Association penned a letter, signed by W. Jay Zembower, Community Liaison, to Orange County Planning Division, Comprehensive Planning Section and Community, Environmental and Development Services Department, expressing their position and support for Project Finance & Development’s proposed Lake Pickett South project. The letter states the community is fully aware of inevitable growth in the area and will support responsible development. It is the Association’s request to have a single developer acquire all tracts of land in Lake Pickett South for one cohesive project rather than allowing the parcels to be split apart and sold to various developers with different agendas.

Based on what Project Finance & Development has proposed for “The Grow”, a farm and garden community, the Chuluota Community Association has been very pleased with the integrity and professional manner Dwight Saathoff has taken to include the surrounding residents in the process of planning and clearly communicating the vision of what will be a unique, vibrant community. Questions and potential concerns raised by the residents relating to the development were taken very serious by Mr. Saathoof, and in-turn, he adjusted the plans to accommodate their wishes with less density, more open spaces and a rural feeling to fit in with the current landscape.

From the Chuluota Community Association letter: “This development is such that the community can point to as the right development in the right place as the right time. We believe this gives Orange County a darn good model for development as the county is forced to expand into more rural areas. The Chuluota Community Association is endorsing the South Lake Pickett Project as currently planned and we urge the Orange County Board of County Commissioners consider this project to be one which your community, as well as ours, can be proud to have and therefore consider approving the same along with the appropriate text amendment which will facilitate the zoning change for the South Picket Project.”

Dwight Saathoff, President of Finance & Development, LLC stated: “I am truly humbled to receive this endorsement and kind words from such a respectable association who’s mission is to protect the rural way of life. My plans for this development have always been to integrate seamlessly into the existing area and respect the nearby residents by creating something they will benefit from and be proud to have in their community.

Project Finance & Development, LLC is an Orlando, Florida company developing commercial and residential properties in Central Florida. The leadership of founder Dwight Saathoff, an attorney with a successful history negotiating zoning, planning and developments, leverages his real estate experience to plan, secure and develop visionary projects for his own company that benefits cities, communities and residents.

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